Friday, May 7, 2010

My girls....

I am blessed with adorable children.

Today we will focus on the amazing cuteness of our girls.
(the focus will be on our son very soon as he celebrates his *SOB* 8th birthday in just a few days. *SOB*)

**Brownie Making** (I think maybe she had a taste test! :))

While we were working on the brownies, it got very quiet....

I am blessed....

There are days - more than I would like to admit - when I am tired and I long for TWO MINUTES all to myself. There are days when I consider changing my name from "Mommy" to something the kids cannot pronounce, like "Svetlana", so that they cannot yell to me every 2.34 seconds.

There are many days like that.

And then -

I look at a picture like this -

and all is well. I want my name to be "Mommy" forever....and ever.

I am blessed.


missionary mama said...

Love it, Debbie, and it is so true, sometimes I want to pull my hair out and cuddle my daughter to death all at the same time. :) I wouldn't have it any other way.

Super cute, pics of you and the girls, too!

S P said...

this made me tear up, Debbie!! It passes all too quickly! :D I love my name "Mommy" too!!!!!!!!!!