Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am home from church today with our son who is sick. Poor thing. We tried to go to Sunday School, but ended up just bringing the poor kid home. Our family hates to miss church. My whole day has been off. I miss the preaching, the singing - the spirit of the church. (I am thankful for churches that have their services on-line for a time like this.) I also miss the social time of church - chatting with friends and encouraging and being encouraged.

I anxiously await my husband arriving home from church so I can hear all about the service. The funny thing is, my 'all about the service' and his 'all about the service' are NOT the same. He tells me "It went well. The crowd was great. The spirit was good." etc..... That is wonderful....BUT......who sang? What did they sing? What was Suzy-Q wearing? Did teenager A and teenager B sit together in church again? Who were the nursery workers? Did the ladies music group practice?

See how our minds work so differently?

Now, my wonderful husband does his best to answer all my nosy questions, but he certainly does not understand why in the world I even care about this stuff. :) My husband is the best. I am so thankful for him.

Did you have a good Sunday?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti and being thankful

Like anyone who looks at any form of news, I have been bombarded with images of the devastation in Haiti. It is horrible to look at. Truthfully, it is disturbing. I don't like it. BUT.... I am a spoiled American. I am not complaining....I LIKE being a spoiled American. It is good for me, however, to see these pictures. It is good for me to snap out of my comfort zone for a minute and see how 'un-spoiled' people live. As I sit in my padded chair and access a world of information on the Internet, while drinking my favorite coffee/cappuccino concoction in a warm house, with nice clothes, listening to music on my nice stereo system, while ignoring the groceries I just purchased that need to be put away, and my healthy girls nap on beds, with blankets, with full tummies, wearing princess costumes.....when soon I will go pick up my son from a Christian school, where he was surrounded by Godly people, in a Godly environment, in a sturdy building, reading the Bible, eating a healthy lunch....while my husband drove in a heated car to a wonderful hospital several hours away to make hospital calls, to talk to people who have wonderful health care, the best in treatments and facilities....

I know - that was the world's worst grammatically formed sentence, but I just started writing....look how spoiled I am. I am blessed. Truly blessed. Did I deserve to be born in America and enjoy all these blessings and more. Certainly not. However, God is good. He, in his mercy, allowed me to live here and to be blessed beyond my imagination. My WORST day as an American would be the majority of the world's BEST day.

So today I am determined to be grateful. I am going to open my eyes and look at all that I am blessed with. Then, I am going to hit my knees and pray for the many, many suffering people of Haiti. I will pray that they will be reached with the Gospel. I will be praying for the missionaries that are in Haiti. I will be praying that God will protect them and supply each need. I will also thank the Lord that they were willing to go. I am also going to e-mail several missionaries - in Haiti and around the world - and thank them for the sacrifice they make so that others may hear of Jesus.

Today, I will be thankful.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2 years

Today marks 2 years since our miscarriage.

To be honest, I am a little surprised at how much this day affects me. I thought that the hurt would ease with time....and while it has, it is still so sharp. Those of you that have experienced a loss like this know exactly what I am talking about. There will be times when all the family is together, working on something or just being together and I will look around and feel like someone is missing. This happens often.

While it still hurts, I am thankful. I am thankful for Heaven. I KNOW that when I get to Heaven I will recognize my little one right away. He or she is mine, and I will know it. I can't think of a better place for a baby to grow up than in Heaven, can you? I know that my Grandpa and Grandma who are in Heaven have been spoiling that baby rotten for the last 2 years. I am thankful.

I don't know WHY God allowed this loss....but I do know that because of it He has allowed me to more fully empathize with others. Within 6 months of our miscarriage there were 2 ladies in our church that went through the same thing. I knew their grief and the Lord allowed me to sorrow with them. I also grew closer to the Lord through it....I could FEEL Jesus' love for me. I am thankful.

Won't Heaven be amazing?!?!? Sweet reunions and wonderful fellowship. I am thankful.

I don't know what you are going through today. I don't know what sorrow you are facing, but can I encourage you to trust Jesus? I heard a quote once, "God loves you too much to be unkind, and He is too wise to make a mistake." He loves you. Whatever trial you are facing - whatever trial we have gone through - that trial has a purpose. There is a lesson to be learned in the storm. I often pray that God will help me learn the lesson quickly because I don't want to go through the trial again. Jesus loves you. He loves me. I am thankful.

A song that encouraged my heart so much:

He Already Sees
When the storm raged about them
The disciples were afraid
For the waves were high and the ship was tossed
They could not find their way
Then they awoke the master
Saying Lord please save us now
He rebuked the winds and the sea grew calm
And they all wondered how

God sees the storm from the other side
He knows the lessons learned
And just beyond the clouds He sees clear skies
He speaks peace to the raging storm when peace could not be found
He already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds

Like the man on the sea did
I have called on God in prayer
When it seemed to me all hope was gone and in my deep despair
I remembered what the Lord said when He calmed that troubled sea
And I know once more how He sees the storm
And peace floods over me

God sees the storm from the other side
He knows the lessons learned
And just beyond the clouds He sees clear skies
He speaks peace to the raging storm when peace could not be found
He already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds

And when the storms of life come crashing in and trouble me
I can feel Gods arms around me and he whispers
Let it be, Let it be

God sees the storm from the other side
He knows the lessons learned
And just beyond the clouds He sees clear skies
He speaks peace to the raging storm when peace could not be found
He already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds

(written by Dianne Wilkinson and Joseph Smith )

Isn't God good to us? I pray that you will feel His love in a special way today!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Do you have perfect children?

Of course you do! :)

My kids should be perfect. They are, after all, preacher's kids! HA HA.

My children are not perfect, sadly, but they are mine, and they are funny, and they are cute. (that cuteness helps them out sometimes when they are being especially naughty. :))

On Saturday, Emily, who is four, was taking her turn being naughty. (wouldn't it be great if they actually did take turns rather than all being naughty at the same time?!?!? :))
My husband said to her, "Emily, how many times should Mommy have to tell you to do something before you obey?" As serious as can be Emily replied, "Ohhhhhh.....probably four or five!"

The obedience training continues....

Sunday Blessings

I love Sundays. I do. They are very exhausting, however. Yesterday was no exception. Sunday morning was good. It was. My husband didn't feel well, though, so it made it a bit more exhausting. After a Sunday nap, my preacher husband thought about staying home on Sunday night....he never misses church. Never. I knew he didn't feel well at all. He decided, though, to just go. He went, and wow - God blessed.

About a month ago a new family started coming to church. Their 3 kids had been riding our bus for years off and on, but the parents 'suddenly' showed up in church one Sunday morning....and then Sunday night....and the next Sunday, too. We had them in our home for dinner and they were committed to getting into church. Wow. What a blessing. Last night the husband got saved!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord. Before my husband went to Bible College he worked for a short time with this man. He invited him to church. This man never came. This was over 10 years ago. God gives the increase IN HIS TIME....what a special blessing for my husband.

During the service last night my husband preached on getting a renewed, fresh vision. He shared his vision for our church in the next decade. (On January 8 we will celebrate 10 years here on staff at Bible Baptist Church....isn't God good??) When we got home there was a message on our answering machine. The message was a young married man stating his commitment to the Lord, our church and letting my husband know that he was loved. Isn't God good?

I am so glad that God allowed those things to happen last night. My sick husband was encouraged.....and so was I.