Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank you for your investment

Tonight my 5 year old daughter walked up to me and said, "Mom,do you know what is so special about God?"
Of course, I wondered what she would come up with.....I said, "Tell me - what is so special about God?"
She replied, "You can talk to Him anytime!"


You just never know what these little ears hear and absorb. My daughter is high-energy (code for 'naughty sometimes' :)), and OFTEN I wonder if she hears a word I say.

Sunday School teachers, Junior Church workers, nursery workers and ANYONE who works with kids....DON'T QUIT!!! Don't get discouraged when the wiggle worms wiggle to the point you wonder if they heard a single word. THEY DID!!! THEY HEARD!

Thank you for your investment in my child!


Kayte said...

Ah! That's is precious!

"high energy"... yup got a couple of those! =)

Jaime said...

Love it! And ha...agree with Kayte..."high energy". ;)

Somehow I missed this post...the reason behind posting a reply so late.