Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm in love

Have you seen one of these?

(okay, so that picture is advertising the replacement filters, but on the box it DOES show the actual swiffer vac. :))

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a personalized "I love you" from Jesus yesterday and it was one of these amazing machines. I may never use a broom or dustpan again!

This thing is great.

In our house we have a wood floor in our living room and hallway, and despite the fact that there is no eating allowed in that room, the crumbs migrate. It is a many-times-daily task of sweeping in there....but this machine makes it fun! :) It works great on the laminate in the bedrooms and on the kitchen and bathroom floors, too. So, I am off to continue my Monday cleaning....and I can't wait!

(do you think that I should contact Swiffer and see if I can be compensated for my 5-star endorsement??? At least a box of cloth refills would be nice. :))

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