Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, Audrey is getting her molars. Can you hear the excitement in my voice??? :) Her upper molars came in without much fuss, but these lower molars.....my oh my.....if they don't come in soon I may just go in with a spoon and DIG them out.

On a happier note, after carrying around a 20 pound little person 18.95 hours every day my arms should be made of steel very soon! :)

While I am whining about Audrey's whining I will say that as she fusses and wants to be held all.the.time. I am reminded to be so very thankful that THIS is the biggest of her 'health issues'. I have a healthy baby. (or is 16 months old a toddler? :)) She will not want me to cuddle her always and I need to take advantage of, and even appreciate, the opportunity to be her mommy. To comfort and to cheer. To kiss and to cherish.

And I do. (besides that, who can resist that adorable dirty face??? :))

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~Amy~ said...

Her eyes are gorgeous!