Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Last week when my husband was away I took the opportunity to make a few meals that I like, but he doesn't. On Tuesday night I made my dear friend Heather's Sweet and Sour Chicken. It was soooooooooo good. Divine, actually. :) After dinner I asked our son (age 7) if he liked it.

"YES!!!! I wish there was more!" (Ahhhh, a boy after my own heart!)

I asked our daughter (age 4) if she liked it.

"NO! It was disgusting!"

Now perhaps I shouldn't have laughed. But I did. She had sat at the table, ate a bit and hadn't said a word about how it tasted, so I guess I can be glad that she was polite at that time, at least.

And really, I did ask! :)


~Amy~ said...

I love Heather's chicken. A lady from church makes it almost just like Heather's, but she doesn't fry it, just rolls the chicken pieces in corn starch then makes the sauce and then adds cashews at the end. OH MY GOODNESS! It's my hubby's favorite meal!
I'm glad you had a lil' joy while he was gone. Food is always a great comfort. HA.

Supriyadi said...