Tuesday, February 16, 2010

True Love

Tonight I saw a picture of love. True love.

True love isn't the Hollywood glitz and glamour and plastic 'surgery-ed' couple on the red carpet.

True love isn't deciding to live together before marriage just to make sure 'we're compatible'.

True love isn't staying married until the first sign of trouble and then running away as fast and as far as your latest credit card will take you.

True love isn't Mary Kay or Lancome or Arbonne or even Cover Girl.

True love isn't that fluttery feeling you get when you see your spouse.

True love isn't romantic dinners over candle light.

True love isn't exotic vacations to tropical places.

True love is what I saw tonight.

True love is a wife of 62 years. Wrinkled and tired....and beautiful. True love is this wife sitting by the bedside of her sick husband and not leaving for days and days. True love is this wife taking the hand of her dying husband and telling him it is okay to go to Jesus. True love is this wife looking at me, just minutes after her husband went to Heaven, and saying "He is all I ever wanted."

THAT is true love. Love that only Jesus can give. Love that is real.


Kayte said...

Very sweet. Our world has such a distorted picture of real love. This was a beautiful reminder.

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

This warmed my heart. I want to be that lady :).

~Amy~ said...

How sweet. I sure hope I get to be married for that long!

Angel~a said...

How touching, Debbie!

raising3princesses said...

this is precious.

missionarymama said...

Oh Debbie! How true this is! Made me Cry ;( Especially for me as I am blessed to know this beautiful lady personally. So thankful that the Lord allowed me to watch this dear couple demonstrate TRUE LOVE and marriage my WHOLE life!
Thank you for sharing this.