Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And you thought YOUR day was bad.....

We had several nights of special meetings at church this week. Tonight the speaker spoke on trials.....before which he told this story......(a story that the preacher says is really true!!)

A certain man owned a Harley that he loved. He loved it so much that in the winter months he brought it into his front porch. One day he was working on this Harley. He was fixing and oiling and doing all sorts of manly things to this machine. As he worked he soaked the parts he was fixing in a bucket of gasoline. After he repaired the bike he decided to start it up and see how it was working....yes, still in the porch. He sat on the bike and started it up. Somehow, his hand slipped and he grabbed the throttle and off the bike went.....right through the glass patio doors. His wife heard the commotion, saw the accident and called 911. The paramedics arrived and took him to the ER where his cuts were bandaged and he was sent home.

After arriving home he went straight to bed to rest. His wife, meanwhile, began the clean-up process. She swept away the glass and dumped the bucket of gasoline into the toliet. Soon after this, the husband went into the bathroom. He sat on the toliet and lit a cigarette. (SEE....YOU SHOULD NEVER SMOKE!!!!) When he was done he tossed the cigarette into the toiet. You guessed it....WHOOSH....blew the bathroom door and windows right out. 911 was called AGAIN and the same paramedics arrived. He was diagnosed with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his back side. He was put on a gurney and readied to be taken to the hospital. The wife told the paramedics exactly what had happened. After hearing the story they began to laugh....and laugh.....and laugh..... In fact, they laughed so hard that they dropped the gurney and the man broke his collarbone.

And you thought YOU were having a bad day!!! :)