Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring.....glorious spring!

Does anyone else have spring fever?????
I have it.
I have it really bad. :)
Winter seemed especially long this wasn't, it just seemed that way.
AND this year we are in our new (to us) home. We moved in last August so I didn't do any yard work or plant anything - we were too busy getting the inside livable for humans. :) Soooooo.....this year I am planning to plant a few things and just be outside!!! (The Lord blessed us with 22 acres!!!) I am not really a gardener - it is not something that I really love to do - but I am going to plant a garden this year. For economic reasons alone it makes sense! So - bring on the spring!!!! (although now that we live in the country that also means bring on the MUD.....the kids will love it! :))

Happy 'spring is coming'!!!

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Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Spring is my favorite season and next week we are attending the Home & Garden Show in Chicago to celebrate it's coming :).