Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Devotions

Each night we have a family Bible time together. Audrey is usually in bed by this time - a 20 month old has a hard time sitting still. :)

On Saturday night my husband was telling the kids a Bible story, as he always does. The story that night was about Lot, his family and the destruction of Sodom. Now our 8 year old listens carefully. He pays attention and really thinks about what is being said.

Our 4 year old lives in another world. She lives in a world filled with imaginary friends, imaginary trips....a world in which she doesn't have to take a nap or eat broccoli. She is hilarious, but more often than not, she is in this pretend world during devotions.

After the Bible story my husband will ask a few questions - just to make sure that they were listening...even a little.

He asked our son a question - his answer was right, of course.
He asked our daughter, "What happened to Lot's wife when she turned back? What did she turn into?"

Her answer:
"A pillow."

"No, not a pillow...a PILLAR. A pillar of what?"

Her answer:
"Of sauce."

So, obviously, Lot's wife was turned into a 'pillow of sauce'.

That is right, folks.....the Dolls are rewriting the Bible, one family devotion at a time. :)


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

love it! :)

Jaime said...

Cute! Don't you love that you have this blog to remind her of these moments one day. :)

Rebekah Tastet said...