Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Father Planned it ALL!!

Isn't a comfort to know that even when the circumstances of life are not exactly (or at ALL!) what you would choose....our Father planned it all?!?!?

The past 2 days at our house have been an 'adventure', to say the least. On Monday morning I walked into our lower level bathroom/laundry room only to find water EVERYWHERE.

This is not good.

I dug out our dehumidifiers, mopped and mopped, and mopped.......and then called my husband. He, of course, was not happy to hear about this, knowing that plumbing problems most of the time are NOT inexpensive problems. My husband came home, made a few phone calls, and began to dig.....and dig......and dig......to find the "thing" he was looking for.

(I would try to explain it to you, but it deals with plumbing, with the septic system and with gross-ness in general. :))

Several men from our church came over bringing with them their strong backs and shovels. After several hours of digging, they found the 'thing' they were looking for, and were able to find what they thought was the problem. A plumber came this morning and was able to fix 'it'. I can now do laundry and we can again flush the toilet!!!! :)

Obviously, this 'little' issue was not a part of our plan. We didn't choose for this to happen, and given the choice, we would have chosen a lot of OTHER things instead of this, but MY FATHER PLANNED IT ALL!!!

After the men had finished digging last night, and my husband had cleaned up, we went to my in-laws house for dinner. They had graciously delayed the family grill- out until we got there....that, and my father-in-law and both brother-in-laws were at our house digging! :) While we were eating I began to think of really how BLESSED were are.....yes, this problem will cause a few financial issues, but we are BLESSED. We were sitting around a table full of food surrounded by family that we love, and amazingly enough, love us, too. I thought of my friend, Amy, who recently lost her father-in-law....I thought of how I am sure that she would gladly trade places with me - sewer issues and all - so that she could sit around the table and eat dinner with her father-in-law again.

I don't know WHY God allows the things He does....from small things like our sewer issue, to big things like loosing a most dearly loved one unexpectedly, but THIS I DO KNOW.....

My Father Planned it All.

......and I can trust Him.


~Amy~ said...

When I saw the title of your post, I thought to myself, "that needs to be my theme song for this time of my life." You can't believe how many things are coming clear to us through all the problems we are having that HE DID INDEED PLAN IT ALL. Thanks for that post Debbie. But, really, you can keep your sewer problem! Ha. Great thought, and I will be singing that song now instead of moping and whining!

missionary mama said...

Great post, Debbie! I needed that reminder, as it seems that I rarely accomplish anything without hitting some "bumps" or "snags" along the way. So glad that every "snag" and "bump" passed over God's desk first! What an encouragement! :)

Kayte said...

Praise the Lord we even have indoor plumbing to get messed up sometimes!!!

God, and the life He gives us, is GOOD. Great post!

Rebekah Tastet said...

Good reminder! Those things are not fun to deal with! :)