Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

I love to cook. I love to eat.
Because of these two aforementioned loves, I have also learned to love to exercise...but that is a different topic.

I made cinnamon rolls on Saturday. OH.MY!!!
They are divine.
You must try them - and the sooner, the better.
And now, because I ate too many of these divine things, I must get back to my exercise.


~Amy~ said...

We blogged about her on the same day! HA. She's very inspiring, isn't she? Yummy! I have looked at this recipe before but never made it. I will now!!!

missionary mama said...

I think, in all fairness, for us to be able to try them that you are going to have to share the recipe (and maybe your excercise routine, too! lol ;)
Hope you are having a great day! :)

missionary mama said...

Whoops, just realized that in my foggy headed-ness I missed the link on here. {sheepish, blushing grin} Sorry! I am blaming it on my cold! :P

Debbie said...

Heather....colds, lack of sleep, sick kids,etc..will do that! Hope you are feeling better SOON!!!

Jaime said...

PW? For some reason, I can't get the link to pull up. Glad you enjoyed them so much though! ;)