Thursday, October 28, 2010

A list

1. After 2 days of horrific wind, things have stopped blowing around.

2. I thought I saw a snowflake today....I am hoping someone around me just had dandruff.

3. I just saw a Blue Jay out my kitchen window....JESUS LOVES ME.

4. My husband is out today chopping wood for one of our church widows. I am thankful for a husband/pastor who not only preaches with love but serves with love.

5. I want to go shopping and buy something. It is a good thing that the nearest mall is over 60 miles away.

6. "And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven:....." Matthew 16:19. I read that today. AWESOME.

7. Today is October 28 and the Christmas decorations at our local Wal-Mart have been up for weeks. WHAT?!??!

8. It IS too soon to decorate for Christmas, but it is NEVER too soon to start on your Christmas list!

9. Everywhere I look there are pregnant women.

10. Perhaps there is something in the water?

11. I am switching to bottled water.

12. While making this list a horrible odor reaches my nose.

13. I notice this odor just after my 23 month old daughter runs by....she is wearing "Buzz Lightyear" costume and an Anakin Skywalker mask.

14. I suspect that the smell is coming from neither Buzz nor Anakin.

15. I suspect that I will be the one to rid the house of that smell.

16. First I will light a candle.


Jaime said...

Where's the "like" button? :)

~Amy~ said...

Cute list! Hahahaha! C'mon Debbie, drink the water!