Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Pie, Pneumonia, and other random thoughts.

Apple Pie.

Can you make a totally delish apple pie? I cannot.

First, I should say that I don't really even care for apple pie. (please don't start sending hate mail.) I don't. Really, I don't care for most pies. Again, don't hate me --- my doctor assures me that YES, my brain is functioning. :) Anyway, back to the apple pie.

I don't care for it. My hunky-husband does. I would go as far as to say that he LOVES apple pie. Not mine, though...well, he hasn't had much of a chance to love mine, because I don't make one that often because remember, I don't like it, and really, I don't think my apple pies are good. (and lest you think I can't cook PERIOD...I really love to cook and I do love to bake, and most things I make are truly to die for. HA! How is that for modesty?? :))

All of that nonsense to say - HELP! Do you have a really terrific apple pie recipe? I would be forever grateful as would my hunky husband.


Our 8 year old son has it. Poor mean, poor young man! :) He isn't terribly miserable, but he sure isn't feeling like himself. When my boy doesn't want to go outside and play football, baseball, basketball, or any other 'ball' - YOU KNOW HE IS SICK!! Praying that this antibiotic really works quickly!

Other thoughts

~My precious girl is 5 years old today. She is my stubborn sweetie. If you look up strong-willed in the dictionary, my girls' picture is there. While it is very difficult at times rearing such a strong-willed child, I can't help but wonder how God will choose to use her. I know that with her determination she can do great things for Jesus' sake.

~I have an addiction. I am confessing. Perhaps I need RU? I am addicted to "Words with Friends" on my iPod. It is true. I need help.

~**~Happy Saturday~*~*


~Amy~ said...

What is Words with Friends? I have no idea!

The Doll Family said...

Words with Friends is an app for your iPod/iPhone/ is scrabble. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayte said...

Ah... I had phneaumonia when I was your son's age and I STILL remember how yucky it felt! Praying for him tonight.

My home is the opposite: I LVOE pie, particularly apple, meanwhile Seth would just like brownies, cookies and ice cream and no pie ever. BUT... as for a recipe... I suggest just using Jiffy pie crust unless you really want to learnt to make it from scratch. But if you just oen one nice pie and not pecome a pie expert: Jiffy is pretty good. Here is a good recipe:

My mother in law (who made GREAT apple pie) always liked using Northern Spies for the apples.

Jaime said...

Have you tried an apple crisp? It is much easier (IMO).

As for the apple pie, my grandma always said it had to do with the apples...I'll have to ask my aunt which ones my grandma always used. Her pies were always soooo good!

Sorry about Jacob being sick. No all. Will be praying for him!

Jaime said...

I asked...and she said Northern Spies too. :)