Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Randomness

Random thoughts and things from today....

~Our chest freezer died today. The Lord was so good to us, though. He allowed us to make this unfortunate discovery while 99% of the food was still frozen. The 1% was put on the grill tonight and we were able to enjoy a great meal with my brother-in-law and his family. A nice impromptu family time.

~Deer hunting season started today. We now live in the country and you could hear many, many gun shots all morning. (I hope someone got that big buck that I almost hit last night!!!!!!!!!! :))

~Jacob got a much needed haircut. I am so thankful that I started cutting his hair when he was little. The boy has MOUNDS of thick hair and it needs to be cut often. Every time I cut it I am thankful for the money we save by not going to the barber.

~Audrey is walking EVERYWHERE now. She had pink-eye this week. While at the doctor's office to get the drops for the pink eye Audrey was weighed. She is just 20 pounds. I know that may be HUGE for some of you, but my kids are NEVER small!! Audrey is the smallest at this age - by a good chuck. I think she is almost petite. Almost. Her FIRST birthday is next Saturday. How on earth did a year go by so quickly?!?!?

~When Audrey and I weren't at church on Wednesday night one of the ladies asked Emily if Audrey was sick. Emily told the lady that Audrey had 'purple eye'. :) Emily is my sweetie.

~I was reading about "Black Friday" sales today. I wish that the nearest 'city' to shop in wasn't 60+ miles away. I am NOT leaving my house at 3 a.m. no matter how cheap that blender is.

~MY WHOLE FAMILY is coming to MY house for Thanksgiving this year. I am thrilled beyond measure. I haven't seen my sister in EIGHTEEN months and I am dying to see her face-to-face!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be a crazy few days, but I can't wait.

~Tomorrow is Sunday. I love my church. I love my Sunday School Class. I love my Pastor most of all. :) He is sure easy to look at while he is preaching! HA HA!!!

Have a great Sunday.


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow.

Angel~a said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year since Audrey was born either! Time sure does fly!