Monday, January 4, 2010


Do you have perfect children?

Of course you do! :)

My kids should be perfect. They are, after all, preacher's kids! HA HA.

My children are not perfect, sadly, but they are mine, and they are funny, and they are cute. (that cuteness helps them out sometimes when they are being especially naughty. :))

On Saturday, Emily, who is four, was taking her turn being naughty. (wouldn't it be great if they actually did take turns rather than all being naughty at the same time?!?!? :))
My husband said to her, "Emily, how many times should Mommy have to tell you to do something before you obey?" As serious as can be Emily replied, "Ohhhhhh.....probably four or five!"

The obedience training continues....


Kayte said...

Nope. No perfect kids here! perfectly adorable but can be naughty as all get out!!! Being the principal/youth pastor's kids, my kids naughtiness brings to mind every demerit Seth has ever issued. I hope everyone knows that YES I do know they can be rotten and YES we're working on it!!

Emily and Maddie would get along just fine! Or maybe they'd fight over everything... not sure!

~Amy~ said...

That is great! She is your second, right? Are all second children just exceptionally naughty? Hehehe!

The Doll Family said...

NO AMY....2nd children are not naughty..I AM ONE! :) (yes, alas, she is the 2nd, and yes, we are naughty!:))

Carolyn said...

I have to agree with the 2nd child thing. My own Bug and my nephew that's the 2nd child are twins when it comes to naughtiness. Sorry, Debbie! ;-)

Would you mind if I add your blog to the list of blogs I read?

The Doll Family said...

That would be wonderful, Carolyn! :)