Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti and being thankful

Like anyone who looks at any form of news, I have been bombarded with images of the devastation in Haiti. It is horrible to look at. Truthfully, it is disturbing. I don't like it. BUT.... I am a spoiled American. I am not complaining....I LIKE being a spoiled American. It is good for me, however, to see these pictures. It is good for me to snap out of my comfort zone for a minute and see how 'un-spoiled' people live. As I sit in my padded chair and access a world of information on the Internet, while drinking my favorite coffee/cappuccino concoction in a warm house, with nice clothes, listening to music on my nice stereo system, while ignoring the groceries I just purchased that need to be put away, and my healthy girls nap on beds, with blankets, with full tummies, wearing princess costumes.....when soon I will go pick up my son from a Christian school, where he was surrounded by Godly people, in a Godly environment, in a sturdy building, reading the Bible, eating a healthy lunch....while my husband drove in a heated car to a wonderful hospital several hours away to make hospital calls, to talk to people who have wonderful health care, the best in treatments and facilities....

I know - that was the world's worst grammatically formed sentence, but I just started writing....look how spoiled I am. I am blessed. Truly blessed. Did I deserve to be born in America and enjoy all these blessings and more. Certainly not. However, God is good. He, in his mercy, allowed me to live here and to be blessed beyond my imagination. My WORST day as an American would be the majority of the world's BEST day.

So today I am determined to be grateful. I am going to open my eyes and look at all that I am blessed with. Then, I am going to hit my knees and pray for the many, many suffering people of Haiti. I will pray that they will be reached with the Gospel. I will be praying for the missionaries that are in Haiti. I will be praying that God will protect them and supply each need. I will also thank the Lord that they were willing to go. I am also going to e-mail several missionaries - in Haiti and around the world - and thank them for the sacrifice they make so that others may hear of Jesus.

Today, I will be thankful.


Kayte said...

Amen!! I felt the same way all day yesterday. When some rough parts of the day came along, I thought Gee, Kayte-- don't EVEN start complaining! Not today. not after reading the Lerrise's recent prayer letter, not while people are trapped. Not while people struggle for the very basic of needs. Not while bodies are being stacked in the streets of Haiti. We really do have it SO good.

I'm praying for God to use this disaster to turn many hearts toward Him!

The Doll Family said...

AMEN Kayte!! Did you hear about the MIRACLE concerning the Lerrise's baby??? He is perfectly healthy! Praise the Lord!